5 reasons you should buy “BIGFOOT the Monster” toy today!

Bigfoot toy

BIGFOOT the Monster!

As a parent there is a constant struggle when it comes to gifts. On the one hand you want to give gifts that teach your child to use their imagination, to help them grow and develop as a person and increase their skills. On the other hand, flash cards and books don't usually have the same excitement factor that a doll or other highly coveted toy has. So how do you decide which toys to get - and in particular, how do you know if the Bigfoot toy is really right for your child? Well, hopefully this list will help you decide.

Bigfoot toy


1. The Bigfoot toy is tough. Yes - even tough enough for YOUR toddler! Recently Ellen DeGeneres was playing around with Bigfoot on the set of her show. She was having a great time showing Bigfoot's range of moods and motion when she accidentally ran him down the stage steps and onto a hardwood floor. BANG! What did Bigfoot do? The same thing I would - he said "Ouch!" and kept going...
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Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway

Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play RampwayWheelies has always been a fun toy throughout the years, and that’s why the Fisher-​Price Little People Wheelies Stand’n Play Rampway is a well-​loved product among parents.  This is an ideal toy for kiddies ages 18 months to 5 years and it does not pose any hazardous material.  It also features a colorful setup that can drive your kids imagination into another level.
Here are some of the Little People’s features:
•    Role-​playing Stand’n Play – the Little People Wheelies make room for your kids’ imagination to grow.  They can also watch the Eddie and the Mystery Driver DVD, a short animation from the Fisher-​Price Little People characters.  Kids would love to feel the Wheelieville world and make their own characters, or even role-​play the characters themselves.
•    The rampway has a height of about 2 feet, which enables the kids to watch the Wheelies speed down the double spiral ramps.  They’ll love the fact that these cars can perform down these ramps. Continue reading

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LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple (2507)

LEGO Ninjago Fire TempleWhat makes a child’s imagination wander is made by simple storylines and intricate toy construction like LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple 2507.  This story-based game features an array of materials to build a miniature temple that is enhanced by a story of four fantasy characters fighting together against an evil lord and his skeleton army to keep their hands off the ultimate Spinjitzu weapon called the Dragon Sword of Fire.
Children aged 8-14 would love to get their hands on the LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple2507 and in case you like to know more, here are some of its features:

  • Aside from its story telling, Ninjago also features structures for building, action figures to play with and skills enhancement throughout the game.  Kids can can use their mind’s eye to keep the story and the game connected throughout. Continue reading
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PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

PlasmaCarLittle toy cars have always been a favorite of young boys and girls.  It gives them a feeling of being a grown up.  However, parents know that this usually means you need to put out a lot of money because the battery powered cars require a lot of batteries for only a few hours of fun.  If you end up buying the toy cars that require the kids to pedal their way through the halls or pavements around you, kids can become tired or exhausted, and you’d have to push their little car around.  That’s definitely no fun.

However, purchasing a toy car doesn’t have to be a burden on you or your child.  The PlasmaCar is a toy car that you and, of course, your child will enjoy.  There are no batteries needed in order for it to work.  Your child will not have to push off on the ground or pedal just to get it moving.  The features that make this toy a great gift to have are: Continue reading

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FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy – Willa

FiJIT Friends Interactive Toy - WillaLittle girls love to be told how cool they are. They want to have a best friend that is willing to talk to them when they want to talk. They also love toys that are cute and fun. Because of these traits that little girls want, Mattel has created FIJIT Friends.
FIJIT friends are interactive toys made for little girls. Your little girl will be entertained by how lovable these toys are from their soft bodies to their amazing abilities to talk and dance. This toy features:
• Soft, tactile skin – When this toy moves, you will notice that it is life like. It is soft enough so that if your daughter tickles it, pokes it or squeezes it, the toy will not harm or be harmed. You can even remove the ears or watch her belly glow at night as she falls asleep.
• Responds and jokes around – Your child can talk to the toy, and just by hearing certain key words, the FIJIT friend responds accordingly. It has over 150 phrases and jokes built in, so your child is guaranteed to have hours of conversation with the toy. Continue reading

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FurReal GoGo My Walkin’ Pup

FurReal GoGo My Walkin’ PupIt is sad when you child asks you for a puppy but you can’t give her one, whether it is because she or someone in the household is allergic, no one will have the time to take care of it, or you simply can’t afford one.  It’s heartbreaking for parents to see sadness in the eyes and face of their child.  Any normal parent would try to make up for it by getting her something else, like a toy that will distract her.  However, parents can now stop fretting with the introduction of FurReal GoGo My Walkin’ Pup.

FurReal GoGo My Walkin’ Pup is an incredible toy dog that acts just like a real puppy would act.  Kids and parents would love GoGo because she:
• Looks like a real dog. -  When you take a look at the toy, you will notice her lifelike look, from her puppy eyes to her furry coat.  She’s pretty proportional to a real puppy.

• Barks and pants like a real dog. -  When you pet GoGo on the head or sides, she will bark like a real dog.  If she is ignored and craving for attention she will whine and bark till you pick her up and make her feel at ease. Continue reading

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Fur Real Friends Cookie Puppy

Fur Real Friends Cookie PuppyThe Fur Real Friends Cookie Puppy has taken the world of dolls into new heights. With its exceptional design and life-​like feel of the product, little girls would not want to wait to get their hands on Cookie, my playful pup. The good thing about this puppy is that it’s all bark, cuddle and cuteness all over without the bite.
Fur Real Friends Cookie Puppy product features include:
• Cookie responds automatically when you try to tell her something as if both of you are conversing. Fur Real Friends Cookie Puppy is embedded with sensors on parts of her cheek, back and head which recognizes a voice and answers you in a beat.
• Treat her with a squeaky toy bone. She automatically opens her mouth and lets out a sound as if she is actually chewing it. Continue reading

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