Who said that all corporate events need to be a black and white formal affair? If you are in charge of arranging a corporate event with freedom of choice when it comes to themes, why not look at something novel such as a fantasy or a child like theme? All adults have a child in them who still have their favorite cartoon characters or a Cinderella has hidden away, waiting to surface with a dreamy look and glass slippers. Here are some ideas on how to get planning on a corporate event with a fantasy theme.

Choosing a theme

Among fantasy themes there could be several sub categories to choose from. For instance, you might decide to make a party centered on a classic tale like Alice in Wonderland. Again, you might simply announce a party to be a fairy parties in Sydney. You could also choose to base a party on popular Disney characters. No matter what theme you decide, you need to come up with clear guidelines on party dress code, events, food and entertainment aspects which need to be organized accordingly.

Making it happen

Unlike a small fairy party for your little girl in your backyard, when you are arranging a corporate fantasy theme party, you need to look into the arrangements elaborately. For that reason, finding an event organizer who has handled corporate theme parties would be your next step. Indeed, it would be wise to discuss the arrangements of such a party with your event organizer in order to arrive at a budget as well as to understand the kind of party venue that would be ideal.

Planning entertainment

The major aspect of any corporate fun themed party is that you need to ensure that the theme is carried out in the entertainment aspects as well. Hence, you might include dressing up fantasy characters roaming around with drinks and snacks. The games, music and other entertainment need to be in line with the theme of the party as well. You could also avail of the services of entertainers for getting the right ideas as well as implementing the same.

Marrying fantasy into a corporate theme

Even a serious event like a company annual meeting could have a hint of fun and fantasy in it. For that reason, you would have fun fantasy games lined up and activities for people to participate in after the major conference events are over. With fairy like cupcakes and dreamy tea party menu laid out, even a bland and boring corporate event would surely be a great success.