With pregnancy comes happiness and responsibility – responsibility to take better care of the would-be mommy and of the baby, both before and after birth. If you are a would-be mum and your labour days are nearing, you should start shopping some products that can be regarded as essentials.

Shop your essentials

A pregnancy hospital bag can meet your requirements. Such a bag consists of all the vital products and can be chosen from a wide range of options available online. You can even buy them from the local medicine and drug stores, but it is always better to buy from online stores, as you get the scope to see and choose which set of products you want to purchase. Some of the online stores even provide the opportunity to buy individual products and not in the form of a set. 

Here we have listed down some of the essentials which you and your child will require.

Maternity clothes

This is something which is very much required once you get pregnant. The maternity clothes include, comfortable sleep wears, underwear and innerwear, pants and tops, etc. In pregnancy, with time, your body size increases. And so you need to wear large size clothes which will provide you extra comfort. It is always advisable to wear loose fitted clothes during pregnancy, and avoid the tight fitted ones. Moreover, you should buy bras of good quality fabrics which are suitable for increasing breast size. Do not forget to buy breast feeding bras, as they are must-haves post-delivery.
Baby care products

Post-delivery, the baby needs extra care and so, these products are needed. It is better to buy them before the delivery takes place, because post-delivery you won’t get any time to go for buying the stuffs, even it’s for your baby itself. You can order the right pregnancy hospital bag for baby, which consists of all the essentials required for the baby. The products include- nappies, baby comb and brush, baby shampoo and body soap, moisturiser, nail clippers, bodysuits, cotton balls and much more.

Breast feeding accessories

Post-delivery, the new-born babies should consume only mother’s milk. With innovation in technology, a lot of new breast-feeding accessories have come up in the market to ease the mother’s job of feeding.

Electric breast pumps help mothers to enjoy the freedom of movement. These breast pumps are light in weight and easy to handle. It runs with a rechargeable battery and there is a display which shows all the significant information

Breast shield

Manual single breast pump

Message oil and cream

Message oils and creams are effective in promoting skin elasticity for better stretching so as to accommodate the little new member; it rehydrates and revitalizes the dry skin; effective in reducing the visibility of scars and stretch marks. You can even use this oil on your thighs, arms, breasts, wherever you feel toning and elasticity is required.

As soon as a baby is born and days pass by, the softest thing about a baby is there skin. You would always want to keep touching the baby for the softest skin they have. It is super soft and you think it is the perfect skin. But really is it the perfect skin, if you don’t take care of it well. Babies skins are very sensitive and keep changing every minute.

They are new to the environment and all the surrounding and so is there skin. This is why it is very important that you take care of your baby’s skin all the time. If you don’t take care of it, there can be a lot of consequences. It’s not too pleasant to see it and your baby will cranky, when they feel uncomfortable. Here’s quick tips on why you should attend to baby skin care.

Dries up fast

Baby skin can dry up very fast for a various number of reasons. One of the main reasons is if you are not giving the baby enough of liquid and especially water. Their skin due to be highly sensitive can easily dry up. You will only notice when the skin feels rough or if the skin starts to peel off. Another main reason for the skin to easily dry up is, exposure of sun. Sun is important, as the of the vitamins and it is nice to take babies out, but it can also dry up their skin very soon. This is why it is important that you always use an organic baby sunscreen. This can help protect the skin peeling off or getting the excessive heat from the sun on the skin.

Patches up fast

Babies are almost new to everything, when they are only few days or months old. Whether it be food, clothes they wear, the environment as whole to absolutely anything. This can also cause irritation in them sometimes. It’s a sign of them getting used to it and it eventually dies off. But patches start to appear, little red spots or marks. This is for the very reason of sensitive skin. It can be mosquitoes, something they ate, the soap used, the material the outfit they are wearing made out to various other things the skin reacts with. This is why it is very important to pay attention to these. Ensuring no scars remain from scratches or big patches is important. Always apply some baby cream for a layer of protection and it can always help taking care of the skin.