A time comes when you have a new born baby that needs caring like a lot. When that baby grows up and starts to walk, at that moment you as parent will have to baby proof the whole house. Now if you are someone who lives in a house that has 2 or more story, then stairs are your biggest enemy. Of course you as an adult can climb up and down the stairs easily but these babies need time and for you not to worry about it we have a solution called baby safety gates for stairs.

Yes, stairs are the biggest enemy for babies because they can walk into the unknown and might hurt themselves. Here we will tell you few tips before you set off buying child gates for stairs.

 Before purchasing, you should look at the safety standard mentioned which will give you a relief that your gate has been quality checked by the manufacturer.

Now then you should see the placement of gate as in where it should be placed and measure the height and width. You might need some form of extension if you have a good amount of width.

Then there 2 types of gate. (a) Hardware and (b) Pressure mounted. Now it is advisable to use hardware mountings so that it is more secured and robust. You can use it on entrance of stair or also at the top of the stairs. The pressure mountings may be suitable for only door ways. Never use pressure mounting for stairs, as with time they will get unhinged and might even break apart, causing some injury to your child. Click here for retractable safety gate.

Hardware mounting are the best type of gates that can keep your children in the safe area and away from stairs. With getting the fixtures done by a professional, you should not have any issues regarding the safety of your children.

With all that done ensure each and everything is in place, even a little gap between the gate and stairs is dangerous. Keep a close eye also on your child.

 If you have read so for then it only makes sense that you are apparent concerned for your baby and want nothing but the best. We can only hope that these tips have made you comfortable in making the right choice.

If you are still experiencing any problem regarding which gate to choose then we recommend to visit our website at homesafekids.com.au, where all your queries will be answered. We deal in different types of gates that can be customized and catered to your need. Our team of professionals will access your house in improving the safety measures for your kids.