The first few months off parenthood are possibly some of the most difficult, scary and overwhelming months the new parents will ever have in their lives and they will be looking forward to time alone and privacy during this time to look after their new baby, to get to know their new baby and to just be themselves without grooming and other societal expectations placed upon them. Yet, this is also the time that people will be walking in to their houses without announcing themselves first, people will be getting in the way and just making a nuisance of themselves when they are certainly not welcome. In some cases, people will visit out of obligation even though they do not want to and the new parents will not want them there either. As such, if you are visiting new parents, it is vital that you call ahead first.

Check with the parents first

It is vital that you always call ahead before going because it is important that you go to visit when it is convenient for the new parents. They may not want visitors but might be inundated with them so your call will be very much appreciated by the new parents.

Appropriate gifts

It is customary to take a small gift for the new parents and for the baby. In some cases people will take a gift for the baby and in some cases, they will take a gift for the parents but ideally, you will want to take both because the parents could use something small to cheer them up. However, if you must choose between the two, the best you can buy is a small useful gift for the baby such as sensory blankets for babies or nappies because the parents will very much appreciate saving a little money on this.

You do not have to buy something that the baby will use immediately. You can even choose to buy some educational toys for the baby that the baby will be able to play with after a few months.

If you choose to also take a small gift for the parents as you should do, buy something that will help to eat the parents stress and tiredness such as a box of cookies, chocolates or some of their favourite food. It would even be a great idea to check if the parents first and buy them lunch on the day of your visit as they may not have had time to have a proper meal since the baby was born.